About the Firm


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Gibley and McWilliams is recognized for its expertise in defense casualty litigation, but the Firm’s practice areas encompass a wide range of litigation matters. The Firm was founded to protect its clients in all phases of litigation, including discovery, resolution and, if necessary, trial. Founding partner, Joseph Gibley established the Firm in 1997, after earning distinction as a seasoned litigator working in a large firm environment for over a decade. Over its history, the Firm has added attorneys whose professional experience and attitude match the “client-first” mantra that controls the Firm’s manner of practice.

Our attorneys average more than twenty years of practice in varied circumstances. In many cases, our attorneys enjoyed non-law careers before attending law school. This experience provides the Firm with real world insight into how non-lawyers view the litigation process which helps us communicate with the clients more effectively. Because our attorneys bring varied professional backgrounds, including business litigation, contract drafting, firefighting, insurance claims and plaintiff’s personal injury, the Firm is uniquely qualified to handle complex and high-profile matters for prominent clients that include leading insurance companies, their policy holders and industry leaders. Our attorneys offer every client the knowledge, expertise and resources gained from decades of legal experience and possess a wealth of trial experience and a record of success defending clients in the Federal and State Courts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Client-Centric, Cost-Effective Representation

Gibley and McWilliams is dedicated to providing highly-individualized, exceptional service to clients in diverse industries, in keeping with its philosophy that the client’s interests are of paramount importance. Our business model – ahead of the curve for the legal field – makes it possible to achieve cost-effective representation while delivering professional services of the highest level. We partner with clients to use traditional and non-traditional fee arrangements, including flat fees, hybrid fee arrangements and fixed fees. We have learned that one size does not fit all and work with our clients to employ the proper fee arrangement for the client and the Firm.

We also realize that effective representation involves more than citing the right case or arguing the finer points of the law. Litigation often involves business relationships which must be protected. Our hands on, client-centered practices and industry experience help safeguard the reputation of our clients and mitigate their exposure. Our defense strategies include respecting the business relationships our clients have forged and we formulate our strategies to protect both the clients and their business partners. Additionally, our unfailing commitment to the client permits us to help protect their brand as well.

We realize that no one likes to pay unnecessary legal fees. As part of our practice, we utilize prompt review of the facts of any matter for which we are retained to identify those matters which can and should be resolved sooner rather than later. This attitude permits us to focus our efforts on matters where our aggressive representation can establish and strengthen our clients’ positions through application of in-depth knowledge and investigative experience. We believe this attitude significantly reduces costs while providing a bulwark from overpaying. Our commitment to protecting the client, together with our method of navigating the complexities of the litigation process has helped thousands of clients since our inception.